Soccer betting options, provided by bet365 – Part Two

A few weeks ago we discussed here the main options for betting on football matches offered by bet365. We talked about all the options for betting on the outcome of a match and how many goals will be scored by both teams. However, the opportunities to bet on a single match at bet365 are more than 100 and we couldn’t explain them all in just one article, so we had to write another one. Here it is.

One of the main types of bets that bet365 offers in their main sheet is Asian handicap. It differs from the European handicap because it limits the possible outcomes in a football match to just two. This fact helps the punters as it removes one option to lose your bet. Of course bet365 offers to their customers the European handicap too, where all three possible outcomes are available, which is slightly more complicated, but is also a favorite type of betting for many players.

Another major line of bet365 is associated with the so-called draw no bet. In this bet again just two are the possible outcomes, because the draw is excluded as an option. If the match ends in a draw though, the bet will be refunded.

One of the last options for betting offered by bet365 in their main sheet is for Winning margin. In this type of bet the player is needed to predict the exact difference with which one of the teams will win the match. In a case of draw the player should predict if it will be a goalless draw or not. As might be expected, this type of bets offers significantly higher odds than conventional betting for the winner of the match.

The last betting option offered by bet365 in their main sheet is called Scorecast. It is a combined bet between goal-scorers in the match and the outcome of the game. For example, in one of the Scorecast options the punter is required to guess the player who will score the first goal in the match and what the final outcome of the match will be. This ensures very high odds, often above 100, but to win here is extremely difficult.

These are just some of the options from bet365 to bet on football matches. The bookmaker offers a number of options for betting related to corners, yellow cards, betting only on the first half and many others.